T'ei Tea
  • Profit

    Iced Tea is the fastest growing beverage segment in restaurants. A restaurant selling 40 glasses of T'ei – a fresh, pure iced tea – each day for $1.75 will generate $25,000 per year in profit.

  • Convenience

    Enjoy the ease of dispensed iced tea beverages, including no prep time, no on-location brewing, no clean-up, and no waste. The T'ei dispenser is sanitary, requires no labor and eliminates spoilage.

  • Taste Quality

    Created by tea purists from a blend of the finest Black, Green, and White teas, T'ei is a premium refreshment. T'ei is made with real sugar and a variety of subtle flavors that contribute to the tea notes without masking the complex taste of the tea itself.

  • Health

    T'ei contains about half the sugar and calories of traditional soft drinks, and contains anti-oxidants.

  • Variety

    Available in 7 delicious tea flavors made from real sugar:

    • • Blueberry Tea
    • • Honey, Lemon & Ginseng Tea
    • • Passion Fruit Tea
    • • Peach Tea
    • • Southern Sweet Tea
    • • Sweetened with Lemon Tea
    • • Raspberry Tea

    And diet and unsweetened flavors:

    • • Diet with Lemon Tea
    • • Diet with Peach Tea
    • • Unsweetened Tea
3 Gallon QCD Bag-in-Box; 7 + 1 Mix Ratio
Yields 24 Gallons
Contact Multi-Flow at 1.800.722.1999 to learn more about T'ei Teas.