System Troubleshooting Guide

Below are the most common questions. Click to reveal the answer to each question. If you have further questions please contact Multi-Flow at 1.800.722.1999.

Is your soda flat?

Is no syrup coming out?

  1. Check syrup box and replace if empty. Check syrup box connection (QCD).
  2. Make sure gas (CO2) is full and open. Check pressure. Run out pitchers of seltzer.
  3. Make sure soda machine is on. Check plug, outlet and circuit breaker. Check outlet with a blender or radio.
  4. Fill ice bin, tap down ice and close ice bin door.

Are you hearing air?

  • It is an electrical problem if you attempt to pour a drink and get nothing but an air sound. Make sure your carbonator is plugged in.
  • If the carbonator is plugged in, take an appliance such as a blender or drop light and plug it into the same outlet you had the carbonator hooked up to. If those devices do not work there is a problem with a circuit breaker.
  • If your carbonator is plugged into a working outlet and you are still getting nothing but an air sound, please call Multi-Flow at 1.800.722.1999 for service.

Is a sound coming from one of the pumps?

  1. This could mean you have an empty box hooked up. If you do not have an empty box hooked up, try disconnecting and reconnecting the box.
  2. If your pump is still running, you need to disconnect the gas line. If the gas line to that pump is not disconnected, your pump will continue to run until you are out of CO2.

Is your carbonator not working?

  1. Check to see that the carbonator is plugged into an electrical outlet. If it is plugged in, shake or bump the carbonator gently, which should cause it to cycle on and off. If you do not hear it kick on, call Multi-Flow at 1.800.722.1999 for service.

Interested in preventative maintenance?

Click here to download our preventative maintenance guide (PDF).