Re-Fuel Energy Drink
  • Fuel your profits by providing your customers a great tasting energy drink designed to offer you enormous cost-savings.

  • Taste Profile

    Multi-Flow’s Re-Fuel fountain-dispensed energy drink offers the exact taste profile of the leading energy canned drink.

  • Cost-Savings

    Energy drinks continue to grow bar, nightclub and restaurant revenues – save thousands of dollars per year serving Re-Fuel from a bar gun. By purchasing 25 cases of Red Bull you could save $30,000 a year by converting to Re-Fuel.

  • Packaging

    Available in both bag-in-the-box and 16oz. cans.

Re-Fuel is proudly served in some of the largest nightclubs in Manhattan, Philadelphia and Miami.
Contact Multi-Flow at 1.800.722.1999 to learn more about Re-Fuel Energy Drink.