What is a mix ratio?

The mix ratio tells you the quantity of water added to an amount of juice concentrate to yield a finished product. For example 3+1 can be read as three parts water to one part concentrate.

What does "Brix" mean?

Brix is the weight of sugar in a juice as a percentage of the juice's total weight. All juices have naturally occurring sugar. A juice's brix level is measured with a refractometer to make sure the dispenser is adding the correct amount of water and juice. If the brix is off, the nutritional value of the product changes.

Each type of juice has its own brix, or level of sweetness, because some fruits contain more sugar than others. The brix levels for 100% juices are set by the Federal Government. For example, the brix for orange juice is 11.8; the brix for grape juice is 16.

Are Multi-flow products Kosher?

Yes, many of our products are Kosher certified. Please contact a sales representative for more information.

What does BIB stand for?

BIB stands for bag-in-box.

How much does a 3-gallon BIB weigh?

About 30 lbs.

How Much does a 5 gallon BIB weigh?

About 53 lbs.

How many gallons of product will a 3-gallon BIB make?

The volume of finished product depends on the mix ratio of that product. To find the finished volume, add the mix ratio together and multiply by the number of gallons of concentrate.

For example, if the product is a 4+1 juice in a 3-gallon BIB, the case will yield 15 finished gallons (4 + 1 = 5; 5 x 3 = 15 gallons).

How many servings of product are there per BIB?

To calculate the servings per case, you first have to calculate the total gallons of finished product using the mix ratio and case pack (see above) and the number of servings per gallon.

To find servings per gallon, simply divide the number of ounces in a gallon (128) by the number of ounces of your serving size. You then multiply the number gallons by the number of servings per gallon.

For example, the number of 8 oz. servings of a 4+1 juice packed in a 3-gallon BIB is calculated this way: 4 + 1 = 5; 5 x 3 = 15 gallons; 128 oz. รท 8 oz. = 16 servings; 15 gallons x 16 servings = 240 total servings.

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